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Ispectrum Magazine launched at the beginning of 2013, offering readers the most diverse, new and engaging information in a variety of topics and fields, accompanied by an area for sharing comments and experiences in whichever pools of knowledge interested them.

The Magazine started to win not only a loyal band of readers, but also dedicated enthusiasts who sent in contributing materials and articles, along with their own ideas for improving the publication itself.

Now, as we continue to develop, we want to provide the best, most interesting, accurate and detailed information about science and the world around us, in a magazine and blog distributed free throughout the web, thus making it available to as many Internet users as possible.

Ispectrum explores topics that people want to read about because they are relevant to them – health; psychology; technology (and many more), affect our lives everyday. The magazine utilizes not only a variety of popular scientific content, but also current scientific research, new ideas and original articles.

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We would love to hear from you.Use the directory below to contact us with any comments, suggestions or problems.Share your stories and ideas.

If you would like to enquire about advertising with Ispectrum Magazine, or to request a copy of the media kit, please contact us:

e-mail:  admin@ispectrummagazine.com

 tel:  +44 7938707 164 (UK)





   Editorial Director:  Mado Martinez, PhD.

e-mail: madomartinez@ispectrummagazine.com

   tel: +44 7938707 164 (UK)

   Creative Director and Webmistress :  Rayna Petrova

e-mail: raynapetrova@ispectrummagazine.com



Contributing Editors


Matt Loveday

John Sims

Jennifer James

Charlotte Shelton

Ravinder Dhindsa

Alex Brown


Contributing Writers


Rob Hutchinson

Dr. Dennis Crawford

Konstantin Korotkov, PhD.

Markus Koller

Philip Wint

Mark Lightowler

Lukas Mikelionis

Carlos Pandian

Berenice Wakefield

Stacy Eva

Thomas T. Samaras

Joe Baylis

Alakananda Mookerjee