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Why does the Law of attraction exists?

If thoughts could create one’s reality, then what is the real purpose of its existence? The law of attraction is no more a myth or a spiritual law. It has now become the integral part of Quantum Physics. People nowadays voluntarily uses this to get wealth, fame, home and many different individual dreams. Some Yes! achieve what they really wants.
The law of attraction is a law which is integrated in this universe that makes you get things in your hand what you really want in your mind. That’s the simplest way in which it can be said. Modern quantum physicists has nowadays realized that a secret world exists down in the quantum States of atoms. Let’s cut off the skeptics aside! It says an atom can be at any place and at any moment near to an another atom who wishes to see the former atom. Quantum physics admits the thoughts to be a set of atoms which can actually attract the atoms  in the outer world by tuning its frequency to the outer ones. For example, If you plan to buy a new BMW, you keep seeing only BMW cars in the road despite there are a lot of other cars running in front of your eyes. This is what that happens at a Macro level. A common man’s common experience.
In Life,  When you wish to see negatives in a person, automatically you get exposed to many situations and talks that gives a negative experience as well as negative remarks about that person. For instance, This commonly happens when you dislike or when you are in hate or when you are in jelous about your enemy. And when you wish to see positives in a person, you automatically gets pushed into experiences and talks which convey the abundance of positivities in that person whom you love. I dont need to give an example for this, because you already loves someone. In addition, you will only see their positivities even though there are big negatives surrounding them.
Now things are easy for you to understand I guess! Similarly when you Hate and humiliate someone you never ever like,  you automatically attract hate and revenge from the opposite side. If you dnt recieved a negative stroke from your enemy whom you think he or she is your enemy, You gotta expect the same hate and revenge from other persons in other forms. Similarly, it applies the same when you love or help someone, You may get love and kindness in return from that person. If not, you can  expect the same from some one else who is unexpected. Perhaps it can be your own enemy!
So why is this law simply existing? Its simply simple. It exists to balance the universe. Its a program which fullfills the justice over time! This justice is perfect that cannot be manipulated by a human being.This justice is painful for your ego and a happiness for the  humility in you. Some call this Karma. In fact, Its an Adhl (justice) packed in a qadr (law). If you think everything happened was not fair in your life, just sit back quietly and watch. Over time people who humilated you will suffer and you will be humiliated for what you have done. And over time You will see the people who helped you prospering and you yourself will witness the prosperity in you for the good you have done to others.
True Justice sours but it cures everything & True justice varies with your intentions! Verily, your intentions creates your reality. So accept it and enjoy the Justice 😊
With humiliations and Prosperity
Yours own Life.
Dr. Fahad Basheer
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Dr.Fahad Basheer is the author of The Science of Emotions. He is a free thinker and an independent researcher on Mind-Body Connection and Consciousness.
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Dr.Fahad Basheer was born in Sharjah, U.A.E. He took his medical graduation under Calicut University from India; He is a highly influential independent researcher of consciousness, mind body continuum system and its applications in medicine. His research works encompasses subjects including epigenetics, psychoneuroimmunology, psychology, consciousness and quantum physics. He has published numerous articles in several magazines and medical journals. He is now publishing his first book "THE SCIENCE OF EMOTIONS".

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