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The true origin of happiness

5de908ad923b5ef5ffa3b0b56cf3b4c3Happiness is indeed an immaterial experience which every one feels in the most special occasions of life.On one hand, Neuroscientists, nowadays, are very keen to understand the psycho-physiology of happiness and its benefits on health. To cite a relevant example,in a study published in the Journal of Brain Behavior and Immunity 2006, they discovered that 81 graduates after receiving the first two doses of Hepatitis B, the participants who acquired higher scores in the rating of positive emotions were able to produce twice the level of normal antibody response to the vaccine, which simply means Positive emotions enhances immune response at cellular level. (1)

On the other hand Social psychologists are dedicating their precious time to find the paramount factors which help in sustaining happiness. Some of them discovered the following parameters to measure happiness of an individual.

(1) Having control over your life. Working in a superior position rather than working under a boss makes you more happier as you enjoy the freedom and control over your life by adjusting work life balance.

(2) Having good marital relationship and supportive family. Research have discovered unmarried couples tend to be more unhappy than married couples.

(3) Having a best friend. In a study , it was revealed that a best friend was worth $5000 Dollars. Friend is indispensably a factor of happiness.

(4) Having an enjoyable job. Statistics reveal that unemployed men are more unhappier than the employed men. Because having a job ensures one hope and stability in his family life.

( 5) Having the power to influence the political power of a nation. People living in a democratic countries enjoy a national happiness by enjoying the right to choose its own government that the citizens of Dictatorial nations doesn’t have.

Even though these factors apparently influences our happiness, it is not necessary that you can enjoy your life based on the evidences build on the general statistical postulates. It is because it have missed the most fundamental concept that determines your happiness. Lets find out more about that!

Today, the Neuroscience have proven that the 90% of long term happiness is determined by the way how we perceive the external world, not on the external factors (as mentioned above) which gives one pleasure and happiness. Metaphysically, all the external factors indeed gives you happiness and it is a crystal clear experience for everyone. But, when it comes to reality, It is even capable of giving the worst and unimaginable tragedies in ones life when he loose these external pleasures. Besides no one can assure a granted promise that all this pleasures of the external world will be in favor for you. Sometimes its just opposite or even in its extremes.

Concluding, internal happiness is inevitably the pure and everlasting source of happiness which takes birth from the innate nature of human beings at birth as well as the miraculous way in which our brains perceive the external world,which is in turn is again governed by our past positive and negative experiences, beliefs and emotions.

Dr. Fahad Basheer

Author “The Science of Emotions”

Reference: (1)…/article/pii/S088915910500139X

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