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Global goals: the end of hunger. GODAN Summit

image002It is known that the world produces enough food for everyone – but why do 800 million in the world still go to bed hungry?

That’s one in every nine people – with the majority being women and children.

GODAN (Global Open Data on Agriculture & Nutrition) is holding a Summit on the margins of the UN General Assembly in NYC on the 15th and 16th September to lobby governments to open their data to end hunger.

·         GODAN’s ultimate ambition is to achieve the United Nations’ goal 2 – ‘zero hunger’ by 2030 – ensuring food security.
·         The Summit will include high-level speeches including a forum at the UN with US, African and UK governments, hackathons and open data exhibits.

Let’s think about….

·         Why are governments hiding this data that could end world hunger?
·         How can data truly better agriculture and farming in 3rd world countries?
·         There is enough food in the world so why are 800 million people hungry?
·         Technology really is saving the world, but how?
·         How will open data affect health issues globally?
·         What does this mean for the agriculture industry?
Examples of how opening data in agriculture & nutrition can help end world hunger:
Deal with the urgent challenge of ensuring world food security
A mother in Malawi can choose the best seeds to sow in order to achieve a plentiful harvest to feed her hungry family
A commercial farmer in the United States has the right data to enrich his soil to produce more bountiful crops
The smallholder farmer in Tanzania will better understand and anticipate adverse weather conditions
The food manufacturer can produce healthier products
The nutritionist is able to offer better advice
Key numbers (World Bank):

–       800 million: people in the world are starving – that’s over 11% of the global population
–       1.3 billion tonnes: Global food wastage a year – that’s roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption
–       9 billion: Our population is projected to reach 9 billion by 2050 but 80% of our arable land is already in use so we need an alternative to producing more food
–       68%: The US and China alone represent 68% of all of the patent documents associated with crop breeding around the world. These two countries are larger than the closest competing country by at least a factor of five.
–       $680 billion in industrialized countries and $310 billion in developing countries worth of food wasted

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