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The Mindfulness Key by Sarah Silverton

I have just finished reading The Mindfulness Key written by Sarah Silverton. I guess that after reading The Blisfful Brain by Shanida Nataraja and learning about the neuroscientific proof of the power of meditation, I was willing to practice Mindfulness, and I must confess that Sarah Silverton has helped me to do so. I have always been into meditation, but reading about it makes me to become more self-aware, although I would have preferred a bigger font size. My tired yes would have appreciated it very much, specially because I use to read night time. The foreword is written by Jon Kabat-Zinn, one of the most leading faces regarding Mindfulness, so I knew, before reading it, that I was going to like it, and I was not wrong. Full of featured squares, exercises and useful tips, I find this book highly recommended for those who want a good guide for potencial meditators.


This groundbreaking book explains how to practise mindfulness, using step-by-step exercises to help the reader understand key techniques such as breathing, relaxation, body scanning and concentration building. Written by a team of practising therapists led by Sarah Silverton, it includes chapters on using mindfulness to self-treat such specific problems as depression, stress, anxiety, chronic illness, and childcare and relationship issues.

As we progress through each chapter, we learn how to become aware of unhelpful automatic reactions to our emotions, feelings and experiences. Rather than ‘reacting’ to life as we always have, mindfulness shows us how to observe our experience and as a result behave in a way that is gentler, wiser and more positive.

Practical, accessible and featuring uncomplicated exercises to help the reader fully understand and adopt the mindfulness approach, this book truly is a breakthrough: the most friendly and engaging title available on the subject; and one which, like a trusted therapist, guides the reader through his or her problems and questions, anticipating their needs with kindness and compassion.


Sarah Silverton is a meditation teacher working with the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University in Wales. She was trained by Professor Mark Williams of Oxford University, and by the Center for Mindfulness in Massachusetts, established by Jon Kabat-Zinn. A trained occupational therapist and counsellor, she has 25 years’ experience of working with people with mental health issues and physical disabilities, including chronic fatigue.

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