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Telepathy in the Laboratory: Interview with the Neuroscientist Dr. Persinger

Dr. Michael PersingerHe is a cognitive neuroscientist researcher and university professor at Laurentian University (Canada) since 1971. In 1974 Michael Persinger proposed that extremely low-frequency (ELF) electromagnetic waves may be able to carry telepathic and clairvoyant information. Do you want to know if the pineal gland could be related with the decoding of geomagnetic fields? Or if psychic experiences, like telepathy, are related with extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic waves? Me… I wanted to know it! And I thought you too… ­čÖé So here is the interview:

M.M.: Michael, have you ever noticed if the pineal could be related with the decoding of geomagnetic fields, as the neuroscientist  Felipe de Oliveira says?

telepathy500aM.P.: One of melatonin’s functions within the brain is to suppress neuroelectrical activity. Consequently stimuli that suppress melatonin during the night (when levels peak between 02 and 04 hr local time), will increase certain types of activity. During normal dream periods, which electrically display waking-like characteristics from the perspective of the surface EEG (brain waves) but paroxysmal (seizure-like) patterns deep within the brain, there is a mild decrease in melatonin levels.

┬áIncreased geomagnetic activity or certain types of experimental magnetic fields can suppress melatonin and hence increase the likelihood of electrical lability within the temporal lobes. One class of experiences that occurs is “apparitional” phenomena after suddenly awakening during the night (usually before what would have a dream episode) or the sensed presence, the feeling that a Sentient Being is nearby. The question of decoding indicates there is information. ┬á ┬á ┬áThat there is information within the geomagnetic field is very likely. We have calculated that because all human brains are immersed within the static geomagnetic field, the magnetic diffusivity (the time for the information from one brain to spread to all of the other 7 billion) would be about 10 to 15 min (the duration of a REM period).

M.M. What was your goals in the laboratory? Regarding to the electromagnetic fields, what did you want to find out in the laboratory?

M. P. Our primary approach is to reproduce in the laboratory what has been reported in nature and to understand the physical mechanisms.

M.M.:What kind of experiences can be defined like “spiritual experiences”?

M.P.: All human experiences are generated by brain activity; different types of brain activity generate different types of experiences.
M.M.:  And what is your conclusion after so many years of researching? Are the psychic experiences like telepathy and clairvoyance related with electromagnetic fields?

M.P.: Yes.

M.M. So you reproduced some special electromagnetic circumstances in your laboratory and you observed that…

M.P.: All of the major class of experiences associated with “spiritual” or parapsychological experiences can be simulated by exposing the average person’s brain to experimentally, generated temporally patterned weak magnetic fields.

M.M.: What are you researching nowadays?

M.P.: At present we are pursuing the process by which two people separated in space but sharing the same circumcerebral (a rotating magnetic field around the head) magnetic fields can exchange information. We have shown that if two people share the fields, then light exposed to one person is associated with light emission from the brain of the other person sitting in another room in the dark. I have attached the technical article. We suspect that the essential mechanism involves the photon and how it moves through space and time.

M.M. Certainly, very interesting.

While Persinger claims to demonstrate telepathy in a lab, his colleagues are still skeptic. There are many questions in the air but Persinger, at least, has started looking for answers.

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  1. James Randi says:

    I’d very much like to know what Dr. Persinger refers to as “what has been reported in nature” and if this is evidence of any sort of “ESP” or other communication/information exchange. I admit that despite my very active interest in the possible existence of such phenomena, I’ve been unaware of this. He refers to “psychic experiences like telepathy and clairvoyance,” as well, as if they have been established – startling news, to me…

    I believe we should await much more robust evidence of such claims before celebrating, though I will pop corks along with everyone else as soon as these “experiences” are established, not anecdotally but in the real world, to which I invite Dr. Persinger.

    It’s time for Show-and-Tell, doctor…

  2. I agree with you James, we are still far from evidences in a laboratory, despite the efforts of Persinger, among others. And if I tell you the truth, I am not sure if it will arrive a day that we can test such phenomena, maybe human beings are loosing some abilities… Margo Morgan, author of “Message from Forever”, who shared with the Australian Aboriginals an amazing travel and who learned many things from their Ancestral Wisdom, stated that is very difficult to develop telepathy skills in the occidental modern societies, where people use to hide their true feelings and to give the image that are expected to give and to lie, lie, lie… Nothing new that you don’t know, dear James, as I have visited your website and one of your main objectives it’s to demystify paranormal and pseudoscientific claims, in one word, to demystify lies. By the way, I like your website . I find very interesting your job. Congratulations and keep going on!
    Thank you very much for visiting us, for commenting and for sharing your ideas and opinions.

  3. I believe that are moments in it can exist electromagnetic alignments´╗┐

  4. I’d suggest people with high amounts of empathy would be both most receptive and projective.

    Should be that “nerve” that it “bangs” off of.´╗┐

  5. Aussie Guy says:

    Been studying telpathy for 2 years. I believe many unexplained experiences come down to telepathy (As does the Barefoot Philosopher). Ghosts, religious experiences, collective mind, consensus trance, witchcraft, voodoo, gambling luck, the Ten Commandments, precognition, lots more.
    Telepathy is non-physical/non 3D based, so it is limited to manifestation through other minds including animals (whiplash accidents, group psychological attacks, attacking friends and family).
    Best stop here but my last point is: telepathy/esp should be taught openly in school and life, as well as teaching that witchcraft is telepathy (prevalent in religious people) used usually malisciously specifically where the practitioner acts telepathcally without connection to his other 5 senses. Narrowband, this should be marked, taught and understood as BAD.
    Esp they say is used by mice, plants, omoeba. I discovered that it is fundamentally, but not exclusively, manifest from activation of our reptillian brain stem (the scientifically known emotions match, only 1-way communication is almost exclusive).
    Finally, we mostly all use it a little, but used as part of a 6 sense life it increases health, vitality, memory ect.
    But it seems to me with oodles of accepted proof, from US & Russian military, Stanford Univ, Japan->Calif Uni ice chrystal experiment, and many more over more than 100 years, it is odd that society blatently deny it is real. I have a understanding (suspicion albeit subjective as/flakey) that we have a subconscious life run in western world predominately by Catholic church and facilitated and dominated widely by there little sister Christians, and that there seems to be a serious, ancient Catholic Taboo held over people causing them to deny ths subject universally, while I believe it is then a successful tool for church to have major subconscious control (wake and asleep) over our lives. I have amassed books worth on this subject, but I have unfortunately been STOPPED everytime I started to make significant progress such as detecting and shields. I realise the last few lines seem off, but it has been my experience and best judgement studying in an intangible area and trying to get as close to reality/truth as I am able.

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